Is Church Planting For Me?

If you believe you are being called to plant a church in Texas or Oklahoma, we would love the opportunity to speak with you and walk through the process alongside you.

Today, we need Spirit-led church planters like never before. Almost 85% of all churches are on the downside of their lifecycle, with many existing churches closing their doors at a phenomenal rate.

With that in mind, we believe that the most effective, disciplemaking ministry is done through church planting. If you believe you are gifted and wired to be a church planter, we would love to pray with you, encourage you, and to help guide you through the assessment phase.


The Process

Following our initial conversations and assessment, the EFCA TX-OK District hosts a Church Planter's Bootcamp twice a year. Trainers at the bootcamp are church planters, national EFCA and District leaders, and church planting specialists.

The bootcamp is open to anyone who desires to learn more about church planting and is required for all EFCA TX-OK church planters. This is an intense, five day training experience that covers major issues that church planters typically face in their first year. Here’s the overview:

  • Day One - Conception and Preparation for Church Planting

  • Day Two - Vision Development

  • Day Three - Gathering Strategy

  • Day Four - Disciple Making

  • Day Five - Systems and Ministries Development


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